Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Coastal Cruising; Lessons for the ASA 103 Exam

Franz Amussen
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This audio book is a non- official learn-to-sail manual for passing the written portion of the American Sailing Association exam 103 the Basic Coastal Cruising certification. With this audio course you can begin to fulfill your sailing dreams in little time. Unlike most introductory sailing books which just tell you what you are supposed to do with very little explanation, this audio book is jam-packed with real-life anecdotes which serve to illustrate the concepts being taught. This book covers every aspect of what is going to be required in order to pass the written portion of the ASA 103 exam (Basic Coastal Cruising ). In addition three lessons are devoted to mentally preparing yourself for the on the water examination.

Franz Amussen the author and narrator of this book has been sailing for over 30 years having sailed in many different parts of the world including a transatlantic voyage in his own 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter. Franz has cruised extensively in the Mediterranean, Northwest USA, South Pacific and Caribbean this audio book is peppered with anecdotes that serve to reinforce the concepts being taught. He is also the producer of the “Sailing in the Mediterranean” podcast.

Introduction to the ASA 103

Lesson 1: Cruising Sailboat Terminology

Lesson 2: Safety Equipment & Procedures

Lesson 3 Safe Refueling Procedures, Essential Navigators Tools, Nautical Chart and Symbols, Latitude and Longitude, Depth Soundings, True and Magnetic North

Lesson 4: Dangers of and How to Avoid a Lee Shore, Sources of Weather Information

Lesson 5: How to Interpret Marine Weather Information, Small Craft Advisories, Gale Warnings, How to Identify Cumulonimbus Clouds and their Dangers

Lesson 6: Impact Weather Forecasts may have on sailing plans for the next 6 -12 hours, How to Reef or Reduce Sail Area, Planning a Sail Based on Weather, How to Heave to, Skipper and Crew Responsibilities

Lesson 7: More Comments on Heaving To, Rules of the Road 6,8 and 8

Lesson 8: Navigation Rules for Sailing Vessels Rules 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

Lesson 9: Vessel Navigation Lights, Operating a Vessel in Restricted Visibility

Lesson 10: Whistle Signals

Lesson 11: How to Anchor and “Diver Down’ and ‘Alpha’ flags

Lesson 12: Stages of Hypothermia and Treatment, Methods for Getting a Person out of the Water and Safely Back on Board, Fires and Extinguishers.

Lesson 13: What if Scenarios: Cabin Filling with Water or Engine Failure

Lesson 14: What if Scenarios: Failed Steering System or Fouled Propeller

Lesson 15: What if Scenarios: Rig Failure and Dragging Anchor

Lesson 16: What if Scenarios: Grounding at Anchor, Running Aground Under Sail

Lesson 17: On the water Part 1

Lesson 18: On the water Part 2

Lesson 19: On the water Part 3

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Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Coastal Cruising; Lessons for the ASA 103 Exam

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